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Top Reasons Why Men Need a Testosterone Booster

The testosterone booster market has grown by leaps and bounds, and it’s to be expected as more and more men now seek treatment for low T levels. It’s true that with age comes a slowdown of energy, libido and strength, but that doesn’t have to be the case as these boosters can restore your vitality. If you’ve never tried natural supplements and T boosters before, it’s easy to feel skeptical about the claims being made, but as the information below shows, there’s plenty of scientific evidence and testosterone booster reviews to prove these products work.

Increase Testosterone Naturally

T boosters have become popular because they provide natural support for hormones and testosterone. A good example of this is Androtrex, as it is made up of natural herbs and botanicals that promote hormonal balance.  Build the Muscle’s testosterone website is a database of natural ways to get this done.  There’s no shortage of therapies available, but what makes these products different is they boost testosterone naturally using substances, ingredients and elements found in nature.

Defense against Andropause

One of the signs of the best testosterone booster is its ability to minimize if not completely eliminate symptoms of andropause, or male menopause.

Symptoms of male menopause include reduced muscle mass, fatigue, irritability, difficulty concentrating and lack of interest in sex. By taking a natural testosterone booster all of these symptoms will be eliminated and you don’t have to worry about feeling weak or lacking the energy to do your daily tasks.

Apart from restoring vitality, these T boosters also increase vitality, something that andropause takes away.


Restores Hormonal Functions

The reason why testosterone supplements are so important is because they play such a vital role in different bodily functions including sex, stress management, energy, and physical strength and so on. When your hormones are not balanced, testosterone production goes down and the side effects begin to manifest. That’s one of the reasons why you need to take a T booster, because it stabilizes hormone production and ensures your body functions properly.

No Need for Prescription

Understandably, some men aren’t too keen in talking about problems like low libido and physical weakness with anyone, including doctors. In the past one didn’t have a choice since a prescription is required for hormonal therapy and medication. However that’s not the case anymore as natural T boosters can be purchased without prescription. In other words, it’s now possible to treat the condition in the privacy of your home.


The byword in health supplement these days is natural, because study after study has shown that natural ingredients and herbs are effective and free from side effects. T boosters that are made with these ingredients are using elements that the ancients have used for hundreds of years to increase male vitality, and there’s no reason why you cannot take advantage of it. There was skepticism in the past when it came to alternative medicine and natural supplements, but the latest research shows that they are actually much more effective in boosting T levels compared to modern hormone replacement therapy. Furthermore, the herbs included in these supplements offer other health benefits such as improved blood flow, increased vitality, harder erections and more.

Increased Self-Confidence

It’s understandable why a man’s self-confidence goes down when T levels drop, as they suddenly find themselves unable to perform in bed, get fat and tire easily. In short, low T levels affects men physically, mentally and emotionally, which is why T boosters make such a huge difference because they enhance each aspect. Unlike other medications, T boosters increase testosterone levels without interfering with your body’s other functions. If you read reviews of these hormone balancers, you’ll notice that the reviewers benefit in many different ways including increased libido, physical strength, more endurance, greater mental clarity and enhanced vitality. Not surprisingly, this leads to greater self-confidence.

How Do These T Boosters Work?

These products work in different ways, but generally the ingredients provide support for testosterone production and hormonal balance. During the process, your libido is stimulated as well, leading to an increase in the male sexual drive, longer and harder erections and more powerful orgasms. T boosters also enhance your body’s natural defenses and responses, making you less immune to fatigue or physical weakness. But the process doesn’t stop there as the stimulation reaches your brain as well, improving mental function, focus and concentration. Clinical tests of natural T boosters indicate that herbs, plant extracts and vitamins increase energy levels at the same as testosterone, and they work fast too. The problem with most testosterone drugs is they take forever to bear results, but natural boosters provide benefits quickly.powerlifting-wallpaperbetter-powerlifting-by-bodybuilding-juggernaut-training-systems-u6vfk0tg

What to Look for

The number of T boosters in the market continues to grow, and while that’s good news because you have more to choose from, some research is necessary so you get the best one available. First you need to make sure that the product can restore T levels regardless of the cause. Second, the product must be proven to work and produce physical, emotional and mental benefits. As indicated earlier, a drop in T levels results in physical weakness, difficult thinking and depression, so the hormone balancer must be able to treat all those aspects.

Do Your Part

As the information here shows, there’s plenty of evidence indicating that T boosters do work, but you have to do your part as well. Meaning, you have to limit your intake of alcohol, junk food and give up smoking too. It is also necessary for you to exercise, but finding the energy for it won’t be problem since you’ll be getting an energy boost anyway.

In fact, exercise and working out is the best way to make use of that extra juice. If you’re looking for a testosterone booster, make sure that the ingredients are natural and that it’s made by a reputable company. Second, learn as much as you can about the product and read what people have to say about it. If the feedback is good, then it’s a good bet.

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How To Build A Rock-Hard Mid-Section

Have you noticed that almost every movement you do always starts at the center of your body? Whether its walking, jumping or lifting weights of any kind, the muscles of the hip area are always first. They always initiate.Everything starts at the hips and lifting heavy stuff is impossible without having a strong core to begin with.

Your core is comprised of your hips, lower back and abdominal wall. It is the bridge between your upper and lower bodies. Having a strong core will not only dramatically enhance your performance in any kind of sports and physical activity. It will also improve your resistance against injuries in that area of your body. So developing a strong core should be one your most prized goals in training. It will pay off in stronger lifts, a healthier body for life – and rock hard abs.

 Strengthen Your Core: Abdominals, Lower Back & Hip Flexors

The best way to train the muscles of the hips, glutes, lower back and abdominals is, of course, by including full-body compound exercises for the lower body like squats and deadlifts in your training program. Variations of them are also great and can have additional benefits. For example, the front squat will work your abs heavily and the Romanian deadlift will work your lower back muscles harder than the regular deadlift.

But in addition to these compound movements there are a handful of extra exercises that you can (and should) easily include into any workout program.

These exercises will target your core muscles directly:

Leg Raises (hanging)PlankRenegade Dumbbell RowsBack Extensions

Throw in some targeted core work with these at the end of your regular workouts.

3 x 10-15 reps

If you find straight leg raises too difficult yet, start by lifting your knees.


2 x 60 seconds

The plank is a simple but very valuable exercise that works your inner ab muscles that support the spine (transversus abdominis). Finish off your workout by holding a plank twice for 60 seconds. To make the exercise harder, try holding it up to 3 or even 5 minutes. Or upgrade to Renegade dumbbell rows.

Renegade Dumbbell Rows

3 x 10-15 reps (10 lbs)

To make the exercise harder, simply use heavier dumbbells.

Back Extension

3 x 10-15 reps

Back extensions work your erector spinae, the column of muscles that run alongside your spine. They are a great support exercise to strengthen your lower back, an area which is prone to injury for many people. If you need added resistance, hold a dumbbell or weight plate close to your chest.

 No Belts, Please!

Sometimes you can see guys at the gym spending their entire workouts wearing lifting belts. Not only is this unnecessary, it’s also a big mistake. Because your best “belt” should be a strong set of lower-back and abdominal muscles that protect your lower torso naturally. Wearing a belt all the time prevents your body from building that protective extra layer of muscle and strength. The only situation where you should always wear a belt is when attempting heavy maximum lifts in big exercises – in order to protect your abdominal area and spine from inner pressure.

The Payoff

Serious core work will strengthen your glutes, abs, lower back and hips. The main payoff will be increased strength, better performance and a seriously improved resistance against injuries in that area of your body.

And there’s a another big bonus:

If you’re thinking six-pack abs, then be rest assured that developing a strong mid-section is the best thing you can do to build up the musculature for sixpack abs. Once your core is strong and well-developed, all what’s left to do is to get rid of any layer of bodyfat still covering it and – voilá – an impressive set of sixpack abs will magically appear.


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7 Things You Can Do Right Now To Double Your Gains In The Gym

1. Worship the Law Of Progressive Overload

If you have your priorities messed up it’s very easy to get distracted. Too many guys stay stuck lifting the same weights over and over again – for years.

They chop and change their programs and jump from exercise to exercise instead of sticking to the tried-and-tested stuff that actually works. The best way to progress is to constantly and progressively overload your muscles. You can do this by either doing a few more reps or by adding a little more weight to the bar each time you work out, or at least each week.

The bottom line is a little more weight on the bar and eating enough protein and a slight caloric surplus every day. That’s the most important thing to remember if your goal is to build more muscle and get stronger.

2. Learn To Love Compound Exercises

Compound movements are squats, deadlifts, bench and shoulder presses and rows. They are best done using Olympic barbells and heavy weights. As long as you can do them safely and without any physical limitations from your part, you should do them as much and for as long you can. This is because they will train the most amount of muscle at the same time. Build your body as a whole, not as a collection of body parts. You don’t need to do lots of different exercises in any given training program. Master the basics and keep things simple.

3. Train Less, But Harder

Muscles don’t grow during workouts but after. When you’re recovering, when you’re eating all that protein and when you’re sleeping well for 8 hours every night, that’s when muscle growth actually happens. That’s when your body builds all that extra tissue in order to overcompensate for all the stress you’ve been putting it through in the gym. If your workouts are too frequent you’re not allowing your body to recover and overcompensate properly, and that’s when you will stagnate. On the contrary, if your workouts are too spread apart you’re not using optimum momentum to move forward. If in doubt whether you should train more often, or whether you should ramp up the intensity instead, it’s usually better to ‘go harder’ instead of ‘doing more’.

Building new muscle tissue requires a lot of energy. You must give your body a reason to grow. You must put your muscles through some really tough workouts. And when your workouts are truly tough and taxing, you won’t be able to do too many of them in a week.


4. Get A Grip On Your Diet

Hard and correct training is the most important factor for building bigger and stronger muscles. Period. But nutrition is equally important. It’s very important in fact. Because in the gym you give your body a reason to grow. But in the kitchen you give your body the raw materials it will actually be built upon. You already know that it’s all about protein, carbohydrates, fat and micronutrients. Those are the macronutrients (macros). And you know that it’s also about the right quantity of these. And that it’s about eating healthy, high-quality food, not sugars and junk food. But be honest to yourself…

Do you really know how much you have eaten today? Or yesterday? Or how much you will eat tomorrow? Probably not. Very few people actually know this and track this. Most people are ‘just wingin’ it’ in the kitchen – and then wonder why they can’t build more muscle without gaining a lot of fat with.

Or why they can’t get their bodyfat down to the point where their six packs become visible.

The very best way to finally get full control over your diet is to track your macros.

Tracking your macros means writing down how much grams of protein, carbs, and fat you consume every day. By doing that you will also know how much calories you are actually ingesting. This is key to building muscle without too much fat and if your goal is to burn fat and get shredded, then tracking your diet down to the last gram is not even negotiable. It’s mandatory. So get a grip on your diet and know where you stand. Every single day.

5. Stop Fooling Around

Until you knuckle down and get serious, you won’t see any serious results. You’re doing yourself no favor by jumping from program to program and sampling every exercise under the sun just because it’s out there. Understand that there are specialized programs for different results. You can focus on building maximum strength, you can focus on hypertrophy (muscle growth), or you can focus on fat loss, or muscular endurance. But you can’t do all of that at the same time. Know what you want to achieve first. Then pick a good program that has been proven to work and stick to that program for at least a few months to see how it’s working.

6. End Your Supplement Slavery

A few supplements out there can be very valuable. But most are not. Understand that this whole supplement game is a multi-billion dollar industry built upon the very basic human desire of wanting to get something for nothing. We all want instant results without having to put in any serious work. We all want success and we want it now. We all want ‘magic bullets’ that take all the work off of our shoulders and make things quick and easy. We all are searching for this one secret little thing that might make all the difference and finally give us the big breakthrough. This is normal, our brains are hardwired like that and have always been. But this is not how real life works. Don’t fall for all the snake-oil salesmen who want to make a quick buck off you. There really are a few key things that you can do which will make a huge difference. But they are definitely not hidden at the bottom of some expensive supplement can.


7. Stop Doing Long Workouts

Studies have shown that when you do intensive exercise for more than about 60 minutes your body starts releasing a catabolic stress hormone called Cortisol. Catabolic is the opposite of anabolic which means that your body is actually deconstructing muscle tissue when in that state. Apart from that, why would you want to train for more than an hour anyway? You can train hard or you can train long, but you can’t do both at the same time.

Unless you have Arnold’s genes or are on a boatload of steroids then spending hours upon hours in the gym, or even going to the gym every single day, is going to be counterproductive for you. It’s also a huge waste of precious time. Time that you could use for doing a lot of other great things while still getting the same great results with less gym time. Get in the gym, hit the weights hard, and then go home and do something else.

Recover and overcompensate, then rinse and repeat.  For 4 more steps check out Team-Wild 4 step plan to looking good fast.