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Why girls are in love with Senegence Lipsense Lipstick

The product is great. It’s long-lasting, it’s high quality, it’s moisturizing. The colors are varied and fun. When you drink something, there’s no lipstick residue on your cup or on any object my lips are touching, this is a big win for kissing.

Lipsense tubes

One tube of LipSense color is said to be equivalent to 4 tubes of standard lipstick. It tingles a bit when you first put it on but your lips do not feel dry at all. The color lasts

all day. Overall, I’ve been highly impressed with the staying power of LipSense. This stuff stays on all day and looks great. No streaking, flaking, rubbing off, or dryness. To avoid dryness though, use the gloss throughout the day.

It’s not too shiny, it’s just right.  Some girls even prove the product by brushing their teeth with it!  There are a few things you should know about this product. It goes on like a liquid lipstick, but you have to use a totally different application technique and, as others have mentioned, you must wear one of their glosses on top. Also, when you take it off at the end of the day, it does exfoliate your lips.  I think that is really the reason why everyone who uses it regularly says it leaves their lips in such good condition.

This product surpasses anything we sell in lip gloss. Your lips will peel and exfoliate, but it does get better. And your lips will eventually look more amazing then ever.  Lip stain does the exact same thing and is not making your lips better. What I really like about the LipSense lip stain is that it is totally transfer-proof and that its lasting power is incredible. Yes, it really does last all day long. It’s nice to put it on in the morning and not have to worry about it for the rest of the day.

The best part of this lipstick for most people is the shades variety. It is difficult to find liquid lipsticks with so many fun shades and there are a lot of pictures available of how it looks on different skin tone so you don’t have a problem seeing swatches that would fit. Whether you are spending ours in the sun or hitting the gym, this is forever a go to lipstick.  If you would like too, you can learn more about Lipsense by reading those FAQ’s.

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